Cauvin (cyborgryu) wrote in ratemycar,

Triangle power!

I have 2 cars.

Both are RX7's.
Name: Cauvin
Age: 19
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Year, Make, & Model: 87' and 88' Mazda RX7
Modifications (if any):88 SE;
»Apex-i N1 Cat-Back Exhaust, »Bonez HiFlo Cat, »Bonez HiFlo Intake, »Bonez Street/Comp Clutch and Pressure Plate, »MD Racing Fuel Computer, »RP Main Underdrive Pulley, »Racing Beat Anti-Sway Bar set, »Racing Beat Single Outlet Header w/ ACV Block-off Plate, »Tokico Illuminas 5-way adjustable struts, »Ground Control Coilovers, »Racing Hart C-Type wheels 17" w/Toyo Proxies 235/45-17s, »Wolf AF1 Air/Fuel Meter, »6 port rpm activation mod w/rpm switch, »Aluminum Hood, »LSD diff w/ auto gearing, »90' Transmission, »New Shifter Bushings, »Suspension Techniques front lower control arm bushings

87 TII;
3in. Corksport Exhaust from the turbo back, 3in. TIB(turbo inlet duct), HKS Boost Controller, HKS Circle Earth Kit, Walbro 255 fuel pump, 10mm Plug wires, 89 Turbo and Manifold, HKS FCD, Manual Boost Controller, coming soon suspension and engine rebuild!

1/8 or 1/4 Mile Times (if any): N/a, I drift and autox.

Horsepower/Torque (if any): Torque? ha!
Tell a little about yourself and your car: Had the 88 since November, was really fun car, I autox'ed it. Won a class once but tires are wearing thin and I'm doing worse. I learned alot in this car, rotarys and driving. My 87 TII was just purchased; its got a little too much power for me to handle right now. Can't wait until it's fully built.

the ugly side

here comes the other car!

and here they are. million and one pictures.
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