James (burnthericer) wrote in ratemycar,

Name: James
Age: 22
Location: Florida
Year, Make, & Model: '04 Mazda Mazdaspeed Miata
Modifications (if any): Stock so far
1/8 or 1/4 Mile Times (if any): 9.8 @ 75 stock
Horsepower/Torque (if any): 180hp and 166ft-lb and just 2400lbs ;)
Tell a little about yourself and your car: Just bought her a few months ago. I had an A4 3.0 Quattro before(damn thing kept breaking) and a V6 Tiburon before that(probably shoulda just kept that and bought this too).

title or description
title or description
Was drifting around a corner in this pic so I have major body roll.
title or description

Pics of the old cars:
title or description
title or description
title or description
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'S a nice Auto-X ride, for sure.

Seems kinda weird to go from a v6 tiburon to a 3.0 A4 to a Miata, heh.
Ha, yea I didn't know what I really wanted. I loved the Tibby, but I had to get a 4-door out of necessity so I got the A4 and liked that for about a month and kept it for about 10 months then finally got what I wanted. A quick little go-cart convertible car that's easy to mod(stock turbo) and very fun to drive.
I love how moddable my current car is.. I spent maybe $1800 or so in direct power mods (uppipe, downpipe, intake, crank pulley, reflash) and picked up 85whp and 110wtq, about.

It's spoiled me because my next prospect in a couple years is a '04 or '05 6 speed S4.. and they're not nearly as mod-friendly.
Yes, but they also come with a 340hp V8 awd. They're pretty quick on their own. What do you drive right now?

My first mod will be a Flyin' Miata intake w/ built in boost controller. I'm pushing 8.5 stock and i'll only bring it to 11 for now, that's supposed to give me 40whp lol that's how restrictive this factory intake is.
I have a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT, it's in an earlier entry, though I've put springs and a few other things on it since then.

Last time I dyno'd, it put down around 290whp and 320wtq ('bout 330hp and 400tq at the crank, up from about 245 for each stock), but that's almost all the stock turbo has to give. Exhaust and a bigger IC would yield a little more but for any real solid under-the-curve gains I'd need a whole new turbo/IC/injector/fuel pump deal.

40whp? I'm not sure I'd go that far. 40bhp maybe. Stick it on a dyno, only real way to tell. ;)
Well, I have no proof to give you since mines stock so far and I havn't dyno'd it yet. However, I have seen dyno sheets from other owners on a mazdaspeed forum. I have no proof to give but my word and not enough interest in proving i'm right to search for the dyno sheet all over again lol.

You're putting down some impressive power in that legacy. I've seen a few videos of them accelerating on the highway, they're not too shabby even stock.

What do ya think of the other cars I owned before(pics above)? The A4 was pretty much stock but I had the Tibby movin decent with the bolt-ons I had on her.