booyadrummer11 (booyadrummer11) wrote in ratemycar,

hey everyone, i just was searching for some new groups to join and i came across this lovely group.

Age: 20
Location: Chicago, illinois
Year, Make, & Model: 1988 Toyota Supra Turbo w/targa
Modifications (if any): K&N intake, 3 inch turbo back straight pipe exhaust, Stainless steel brake lines, drilled and slotted rotors, 5spd manual trans with lsd, greddy type s bov, boost controller, and new exhuast by end of summer
1/8 or 1/4 Mile Times (if any): 14.0 by previous owner with boost controller
Horsepower/Torque (if any): 250 est


more pics eventually...with the targa off if we got some sun around here
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God bless you for not ricing the fuck out of it, I love those Supras.
the only thing that im gonna change exterior wise is get new rims....hopefully just some later 5 spoke MKIII's or some off a MKIV. Also the car is getting a new paint job from kinda faded red to BRIGHT SHINY RED!!
very cute

Very clean, well done :)
I say yes..
very nice

wanna trade?
I own an 87 Turbo Targa. I would get the TT rims, you get wider rears and a fatty 5 spoke. Nice ride BTW. You can check mine at.....